December 4 

Nomadland (2020)

Certificate R   -   Drama

97 Metascore
Follows a woman in her sixties who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.
Director: Chloé Zhao

Half Brothers (2020)

Certificate PG-13 Comedy | Drama

Renato, a Mexican aviation exec, is shocked to learn he has an American half-brother he never knew about, the free-spirited Asher. They are forced on a road trip together, tracing the path their father took from Mexico to the US.
Director: Luke Greenfield

I'm Your Woman (2020)

Certificate R   -   Crime | Drama

61 Metascore
In this 1970s set crime drama, a woman is forced to go on the run after her husband betrays his partners, sending her and her baby on a dangerous journey.
Director: Julia Hart

All My Life (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Drama | Romance

A couple's wedding plans are thrown off course when the groom is diagnosed with liver cancer.
Director: Marc Meyers

Billie (2019)

Certificate Not Rated   -   Documentary | Music

Documentary on the famed jazz singer, Billie Holiday.
Director: James Erskine

Love, Weddings & Other Disasters (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Comedy | Romance

It is a multi-story romantic comedy about the people who work on weddings to create the perfect day for a loving couple - while their own relationships are outlandish, odd, crazy and far from perfect.
Director: Dennis Dugan

Elyse (2020)

  -   Drama

Memory and hallucination intertwine to expose a history of trauma, revealing Elyse is Catatonic and institutionalized in a State Hospital.
Director: Stella Hopkins

Wander (2020)

Certificate R   -   Thriller

After getting hired to probe a suspicious death in the small town of Wander, a mentally unstable private investigator becomes convinced the case is linked to the same 'conspiracy cover up' that caused the death of his daughter.
Director: April Mullen

Dear Santa (2020)

  -   Documentary | Family

'Dear Santa' shines a light on the 100-year-old 'Operation Santa' Program of the United States Postal Service. Each year, hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa arrive at Post Offices around the country. Through Operation Santa, the United States Postal Service makes it possible for the public to safely adopt these letters and make children's dreams come true. The film invites audiences along for the magic of this massive endeavor. Traveling the country, much like Santa does on Christmas Eve, the film focuses on select 'Operation Santa' Centers: some in metropolitan areas like the massive operation in New York City and others in small towns where the Post Office is the heart of the community.
Director: Dana Nachman

December 11 

Minari (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Drama

88 Metascore
A Korean family moves to Arkansas to start a farm in the 1980s.
Director: Lee Isaac Chung

Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

Certificate PG-13 Drama | Romance

A pair of star-crossed lovers in Ireland get caught up in their family's land dispute.

Assassins (2020)

  -   Documentary

76 Metascore
An account of the two women convicted of assassinating Kim Jong-un's half-brother, Kim Jong-nam. The film follows the women's trials in an attempt to understand whether they are trained killers or simply pawns.
Director: Ryan White

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2019)

  -   Action

During his time as a police captain in Foshan, Ip Man is targeted by a vengeful gangster just as the Japanese army invades the region.
Director: Liming Li

Wander Darkly (2020)

Certificate R   -   Drama

New parents Adrienne and Matteo are forced to reckon with trauma amidst their troubled relationship. They must revisit the memories of their past and unravel haunting truths in order to face their uncertain future.
Director: Tara Miele

The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Comedy

Paul Hogan is reluctantly thrust back into the spotlight as he desperately attempts to restore his sullied reputation on the eve of being knighted.
Director: Dean Murphy

The Stand In (2020)

Certificate R   -   Comedy

THE STAND-IN is the story of a disaffected comedy actress and her ambitious stand-in trading places.
Director: Jamie Babbit

Archenemy (2020)

Certificate Not Rated   -   Action | Adventure

Max Fist, who claims to be a hero from another dimension who fell through time and space to earth, where he has no powers.No one believes his stories except for a local teen named Hamster.

December 18 

The Father (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Drama

86 Metascore
A man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.
Director: Florian Zeller

The Comeback Trail (2020)

Certificate R   -   Action | Comedy

Two movie producers who owe money to the mob set up their aging movie star for an insurance scam to try and save themselves. But they wind up getting more than they ever imagined.
Director: George Gallo

The Dissident (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Documentary | Crime | Thriller

85 Metascore
When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears in Istanbul, his fiancée and dissidents around the world piece together the clues to a murder and expose a global cover up.
Director: Bryan Fogel

The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud (2020)

Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi

A space cruiser crashes on a planet that is home to an intergalactic prison.
Director: Martin Owen

Breach (2020)

Certificate R Action | Sci-Fi

On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.
Director: John Suits

December 25 

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Certificate PG-13   -   Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman's next big screen adventure finds her facing two all-new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah.
Director: Patty Jenkins

One Night in Miami (2020)

Certificate R   -   Drama

81 Metascore
One Night in Miami is a fictional account of one incredible night where icons Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown gathered discussing their roles in the civil rights movement and cultural upheaval of the 60s.
Director: Regina King

News of the World (2020)

Certificate PG-13 Action | Adventure | Drama | Western

A Civil War veteran agrees to deliver a girl, taken by the Kiowa people years ago, to her aunt and uncle, against her will. They travel hundreds of miles and face grave dangers as they search for a place that either can call home.
Director: Paul Greengrass

Promising Young Woman (2020)

Certificate R   -   Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller

74 Metascore
A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path.
Director: Emerald Fennell